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Shanxi Haozhida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (former: Shanxi Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd. founded in 1996) is specialized in providing plant growth regulator, bio fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer and pesticide spray adjuvant. After 20 years' development, our company owns 28 ICAMA products, 5 patents, and 25 registered trademarks.

In 1996: Shanxi Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Ma Jianqiao and Mr. Liubo. At the beginning of the company establishment, Shanxi Guangda produced a penetrating agent used in Chinese medical plaster. In 1999, the founder of the company Mr. Ma and Mr. Liu found this penetrating agent is highly effective in increasing efficacy of pesticides. So they improved the formula and developed a new pesticide adjuvant “GWANDA”. It was the first pesticide spray adjuvant in China and hot sales over 10 years. In 2005, GWANDA won the golden prize of 5th National Agricultural Fair.

In 2002: Shanxi Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd. began to formulate chemical insecticides and fungicides.

In 2004: Shanxi Guangda Chemical Co., Ltd. cooperated with China Agricultural University to research and develop plant growth regulators (on corn, wheat, cotton, rice and fruit and vegetables). After 12 years’ promotion and marketing, the company has set up sales network in 25 provinces in China. Till 2016, the total application area of the specialty PGRs has reached 6 million ha and help Chinese farmers increase income by 2 billion RMB.

In 2013: Shanxi Guangda reorganized and established Shanxi Haozhida Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The company invested 10 million USD to build the new factory covering 36,000 sq. meters.

In 2016: HZD Biotech started R&D of bio fertilizer and bio stimulant based on Degnite Technology and bio pesticides to serve the sustainable agriculture. 

HZD Biotech will always welcome the cooperation with customers in and outside China to dedicate to the agricultural production and help increase farmers’ income.


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