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Apple Management

To integrate resources for standardized apple management, improve supply chain and build our brand

Linyi Fuji Apple

Linyi (county) Fuji apple, a geographical indication and specialty agricultural product of Shanxi province, is well known for even red skin, crisp texture and super-sweet taste. In 2012, Linyi County had the largest area and quantity of Fuji apple among all the counties producing Fuji apple in China.

Standardized apple management

HZD Biotech, associated with Noposion and RLF, organizes Fuji apple cooperative to provide management service to growers and orchard owners, including soil improvement, nutrient supply and plant protection (insecticides and fungicides). It is to produce uniform and high quality Fuji apples that cater for market and brand building and let the growers have high profit and ROI. HZD Biotech also introduces the production technology of Selenium-rich Fuji apple.

Financial Support

On the other hand, HZD Biotech collaborates with Shanxi JC Bank Yuncheng Branch to issue loan to growers for apple production with a low interest.

Fuji apple marketing channel

HZD Biotech’s team connects to fruit brokers, wholesale shops, supermarkets, and exporting companies to sell Fuji apples.


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