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Growth regulation and yield increase of Corn

Main problems in corn production in China:

1. Corn stalk lodging, especially in July and August rain season.

2. Abnormal ears and barren ear tips.

3. No ear produced in corn stalk.

4. Climate stress (drought and flood) causes yield loss.

5. Harmful effect of postemergence herbicide in corn plants.

Early sowing, strong corn seedlings, prevention of stalk lodging, barren ear tips and abnormal ears are important measures for high corn yield, and luckily the use of plant growth regulators provides a simple way to solve the main problems in corn production and achieve the goal of high yield.

Use of PGRs on Corn:

1. Reduce harmful effect of postemergence herbicide in corn plants.

Mix Da Plus 150ml/ha and postemergence herbicide, and spray. The dose and application timing of herbicide should follow the label of product.

2. Growth regulation and prevention of lodging

At 6-9 true leave stage (corn plant height 50-80 cm), spray Corn Rich 450ml/ha.

Expected results:

1) 5 days after application: the leaves are bigger and thicker, and turn dark green.

2) 15 days after application: the root system is stronger, and more layers of the aerial roots arise.

3) 20 days after application: 1st to 3rd stalk internodes are stronger and 10-15cm shorter than untreated. The stalk is thicker and stronger.

4) 40 days after application: the ear position is 20cm lower than untreated.

5) At maturity: complete filled ear and corn yield increased 20% at least.


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