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HZD BioTech to cooperate with China Agricultural University to develop new PGR Unipro

As one of the important food crops in China, the planted area of rice can reach about 30 million ha per year. In recent years, the diverse climates like Typhoon or storms are more frequent making serious stem lodging and yield loss.

In order to solve this problem, HZD BioTech cooperated with China Agricultural University and successfully developed a new PGR containing Prohexadione calcium and Uniconazole which can shorten the stem height and increase lodging resistance in rice.

In 2014, this new PGR was patented by State Intellectual Property Office of China (Patent No. ZL201110166461.2).

In March 2016, HZD BioTech named this patented PGR as “Unipro” and applied to MOA China for the provisional registration.

According to the trial results, Unipro (WDG formulation) has excellent dispersity in water. With the active ingredient dosage of 18-22.5g/ha, the plant height of rice can reduce 8.9%-14.6%, yield increased by 6.1%-8.0%. It is a promising PGR for rice production.


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