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HZD Biotech’s innovative bio fertilizer SMYER put into market

In 2014, HZD BioTech invested a new production line for bio fertilizers. The staffs worked hard on landscape design, workshop building, and facilities installation. With one year’s hard work, the commissioning of the production facilities and start up succeeded.

SMYER is an innovative bio fertilizer using “Degnite” Technology. “Degnite” Technology is to use patented microorganisms to degrade lignite into humic and fulvic acids and no chemical waste is generated during the production process, therefore “Degnite” is an environmentally friendly technology. Different from chemical methods, the HA and FA produced by “Degnite” technology has high FA/HA and contains abundant metabolites including auxin, GA3, cytokinin, and etc., making it more effective than chemical humic acids.

In September 20, 2015, the first 40 tons qualified bio fertilizers were put into the local market.


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