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Plant growth regulators

  • 6-BA


  • CAS: 1214-39-7
  • Formulation: 98% TC
  • Package: 1kg/bag
  • Product description: 6-BA is a first-generation synthetic cytokinin that elicits plant growth and development responses, setting blossoms and stimulating fruit richness by stimulating cell division.

Product Name:

6-Benzylaminopurine, 6-benzyladenine, N6-benzyladenine

BAP, 6-BA, 6-BAP

CAS No.:


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Molecular formula: C12H11N5

Molecular weight: 225.3

Melting point: 232.4 Deg. C

Appearance: Off white powder

Solubility and Stability: solubility in water 62.2 mg/l (20 Deg.C). Stable in acidic, alkaline and neutral aqueous solution; Stable to heat at 150 Deg. C; decomposes at 400 Deg.C.


Stimulates fruit richness by stimulating cell division.

Is an inhibitor of respiratory kinase in plants.

Increases post-harvest life of green vegetables.

Promotes cell elongation and division in plants.

Regulates differentiation in tissue culture.

Decreases the chances of flower dropping and fruit dropping.

Improves the plant's ability to deal with diseases.

Improves the growth of the germinating seed.

Strengthens a plant's immunity to stresses such as drought, salinity and cold.


98% Tech

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