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Plant growth regulators

  • CPPU


  • CAS: 68157-60-8
  • Formulation: 99% TC
  • Package: 1kg/bag
  • Product description: CPPU is a plant growth regulator used in agriculture and horticulture to increase fruit size of fruits, e.g. kiwi fruit and table grapes to promote cell division, to improve the quality of fruits and

Product Name:

Forchlorfenuron, CPPU, KT-30

CAS No.:


Physical and Chemical Properties:

Molecular formula: C12H10ClN3O

Molecular Weight: 247.68

Melting point: 165-170 °C

Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder

Solubility: In water 39 mg/l (pH 6.4, 21 °C). In methanol 119, ethanol 149, acetone 127, chloroform 2.7 (all in g/l).

Stability: Stable to heat and light. Not hydrolysed over 30 d at pH 5, 7 and 9 (25 °C).


Significantly stimulate cell division and fruit enlargement by promoting lateral and vertical growth of organ.

Enhance chlorophyll synthesis, raise photosynthesis rate, and help leaves to keep green and retard senescence.

Break apical dominance, promote sprouting of lateral buds, stimulate buds differentiation, improve pollen fertility, thereby increasing fruit yield.

Prevent shattering, and promote protein synthesis, increase the sugar content and so on, so improve fruits quality and increase product value.


99% Tech

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