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Plant growth regulators

  • Da Plus
  • Da Plus
Da PlusDa Plus

Da Plus

  • Active ingredients: Da-6 + Bio stimulant
  • Formulation: Aqueous Solution (AS)
  • ICAMA No.: PD20130757
  • Recommended crops: all crops
  • Product description: Da Plus is a broad spectrum and safe plant growth regulator for growth promotion and quality improvement.

Da Plus – Growth Promotion Quality improvement

A plant growth regulator (PGR) containing Da-6 and bio stimulant as ingredients


1. Yield increase by 10-30%

2. Photosynthesis enhancement and improve fruit set and growth

3. Quality improvement

4. Anti frost

5. Antidote to overused pesticides and PGRs

6. Stress resistance improvement

7. Improve leaf retention and prevent early senescence

8. Increase efficacy of pesticides and foliar fertilizers

9. Broad spectrum and can be used on all crops and at any growth stage

10. Safe and environmental friendly

Da Plus

Active ingredients:

Da-6 + Bio stimulant


Aqueous Solution (AS)


10ml per 15L spray water

Time of application:

Seedling, flowering and fruiting

Use instructions on fruit trees:

1. At pre-flowering to red bud stage: increase resistance to spring frost and improve bud development and fruit set.

2. At young fruit stage: improve photosynthesis and supply abundant nutrients to the fruits. Enhance cell division and prevent fruit shedding.

3. At fruit enlargement stage: restrain vegetative growth of branches and make good canopy. Allocate more nutrients to the fruits and produce uniform fruits.

4. At pre-harvest: accelerate fruit coloring and ripening. Improve quality and quantity of fruits.

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