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Bio fertilizer/bio stimulant

  • Liquid SMYER
Liquid SMYER

Liquid SMYER

  • Fulvic acid: 45% min
  • Humic acid: 30% min
  • Trace elements: Ca, Mg, B, Zn
  • Appearance: brown liquid
  • Product description: LIQUID SMYER is a bio fertilizer based on fulvic acids and using "Degnite" Technology.

LIQUID SMYER - A liquid bio fertilizer based on humic acids and fulvic acid


1. Provides the highly effective microorganisms and improves soil structure for optimum water retention.

2. Activates and releases the "locked-up" nutrients to be ready for uptake and utilization helping reduces fertilizer requirement.

3. Inhibits the development of harmful microbes and reduces soil-borne disease.

4. Promotes root development and increases insistence to stress conditions.

5. Increases crop yield and quality.

Use instructions:

1. Liquid SMYER can be used on any crop stage by drench and drip irrigation.

2. Dosage: 75kg/ha.

3. Efficacy duration: 20-30 days.