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Plant growth regulators

  • Pixda
  • Pixda


  • Active ingredients: DA-6 + Mepiquat Chloride
  • Formulation: Aqueous Solution (AS)
  • ICAMA No.: PD20130682
  • Recommended crops: BT cotton
  • Product description: Pixda is a specialty PGR for cotton, unique ICAMA and formulation in China.

Pixda – Manage vegetative growth and plant height of cotton

A plant growth regulator (PGR) containing DA-6 and Mepiquat Chloride as ingredients

Key Benefits:

1. Promotes strong and vigorous cotton seedlings

2. Regulates the vegetative growth and develops ideal leaf canopy for higher yields

3. Reduces square and boll shedding and increases yield.

4. Prevents early senescence of leaves and promotes boll development

5. Enhances photosynthesis and improves fiber quality


Active ingredients:

DA-6 + Mepiquat Chloride


Aqueous Solution (AS)


500-750ml product per hectare

Time of application:

At seedling, square, early and peak flowering, and after topping

Use instructions:

1. At square stage (7-9 true leaves, 30cm tall): 45ml in 225L water per ha

2. At the beginning of flowering: 90ml in 225L water per ha

3. At the peak period of flowering: 180ml in 450L water per ha

4. After topping: 270ml in 450L water per ha


1. For high density cotton (210,000-300,000 plants/ha), use higher dosage by 10-15%.

2. Use the product based on the plant density and growth of cotton.

3. Spray the product evenly and do not re-spray.

4. Do not use the product too late.

5. Apply as soon as the spray solution prepared. After use Pixda, do not use other PGR product.

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