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Plant growth regulators

  • Triti Grand
  • Triti Grand
Triti GrandTriti Grand

Triti Grand

  • Active ingredients: Uniconazole + Mepiquat Chloride
  • Formulation: Microemulsion (ME)
  • ICAMA No.: PD20150129
  • Recommended crops: wheat
  • Product description: Triti Grand is an innovative plant growth regulator to strengthen lodging resistance in wheat and increase yield. Make the farms higher productivity and bring high ROI.

Triti Grand - Strengthen lodging resistance in wheat and increase yield

A plant growth regulator (PGR) containing Uniconazole and Mepiquat Chloride as ingredients

Key Benefits:

Stronger Lodging Resistance

1. Triti Grand shortens lower internodes of wheat and decreases the distance from their centre of gravity to the base of the stem;

2. The root systems of the wheat treated with Triti Grand are stronger and longer, which makes them anchored more firmly in the soil;

3. The wheat stems treated with Triti Grand have heavier dry weight which demonstrates they have a better resistance to lodging.

Enhanced Plant Performance

1. Roots have a higher proportion of fine roots improving the ability of water and nutrients absorption;

2. Leaves are thicker and have more mesophyll cells enhancing photosynthesis.

Improved Yield Components and Higher Yield of Wheat

The wheat treated with Triti Grand has 5% increase in the number of spikes, and 10% increase in the numbers of grains, 5% increase in 1000-grain weight, eventually yield increased by 10-20%.

Perfect Tank & Spray Performance

Triti Grand is a microemulsion formulation which has excellent dispersability in water. As soon as it sprayed on the crops, the ingredients can spread evenly on the leaves and easy to absorb.

High Environment & Crop Safety

The chemical residue of Triti Grand is 60-74% lower in grains and 90% lower in soil than Paclobutrazol, ensuring the crop safety.

Triti Grand

Active ingredients:

Uniconazole + Mepiquat Chloride


Microemulsion (ME)


450-600ml product per hectare

Time of application:

Pre stem elongation



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