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Plant growth regulators

  • Unipro
  • Unipro


  • Active ingredients: Uniconazole + Prohexadione Calcium
  • Formulation: water Dispersible Granule (WDG)
  • ICAMA No.: N/A
  • Recommended crops: rice
  • Product description: Unipro is a new and proprietary PGR formulation to increase yield of rice and lodging resistance.

Unipro – Increase yield of rice and lodging resistance

A plant growth regulator (PGR) containing Uniconazole + Prohexadione Calcium as ingredients

Key Benefits:

1. Shortens the 1st-3rd internodes of the stem, enhances root vigor, increases stem diameter, strength and ductility, increases resistance to lodging.

2. Makes rice plants strong, leaves erect and good leaf canopy, reduces disease infestation and increases resistance to diseases.

3. Enhances photosynthesis, prevents early leaf senescence, and increases resistance to stress weather.

4. Increases effective tillers; more panicles, spikelets, and higher 1000-grain weight. Increases yields of rice.

5. Environmentally friendly. It does not have harmful effects on subsequent crops and soil.


Active ingredients:

Uniconazole + Prohexadione Calcium


Water Dispersible Granule (WDG)


150g product per hectare

Time of application:

At the beginning of stem elongation

Use instructions:

At the beginning of the stem elongation stage (30-40 days prior to heading), use 150g/ha with 225-450L water, to spray on the rice leaves. Do not use the product too early or too late.

Results after using Unipro: