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Bio fertilizer/bio stimulant

  • Bio fertilizer SMYER
  • Bio fertilizer SMYER
Bio fertilizer SMYERBio fertilizer SMYER

Bio fertilizer SMYER

  • Effective microorganisms: 200 million/g
  • Organic matter: 45% min
  • Humic acid: 30% min
  • Appearance: powder
  • Product description: SMYER is a bio fertilizer based on humic acids and using "Degnite" Technology.

SMYER - A bio fertilizer based on humic acids and using "Degnite" Technology

HZD Biotech is the first and only manufacturer in China to produce humic acids using “Degnite” Technology. The patented microorganisms effectively degrade lignite into humic acids and no chemical waste is generated during the production process, therefore “Degnite” is an environmentally friendly technology. Different from chemical methods, the humic acids produced by “Degnite” technology has high FA/HA and contains abundant metabolites including auxin, GA3, cytokinin, and etc., making it more effective than chemical humic acids.


1. Provides the highly effective microorganisms and improves soil structure for optimum water retention.

2. Activates and releases the "locked-up" nutrients to be ready for uptake and utilization helping reduces fertilizer requirement.

3. Inhibits the development of harmful microbes and reduces soil-borne disease.

4. Promotes root development and increases insistence to stress conditions.

5. Increases crop yield and quality.


1. Uses high grade lignite as raw material. The total humic acids in lignite reaches 55% and organic matter content reaches 90%.

2. Proprietary microbes that can degrade lignite.

3. Nutrients for proprietary microbes: bean meal, wheat bran, amino acids, corn flour and etc.

4. Other functional microbes Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Trichoderma harzianum and etc.

5. Micro elements: Fe, Boron, Mg

Results of Bio fertilizer SMYER:

1. Crop: Daikon

2. Crop: Soybean

3. Crop: Lettuce

Use instructions:

For fruit trees: use as basic fertilizer, 1,800-3,000kg/ha (2-5kg/tree).

For vegetables and field crops: use before sowing or planting, 600-1,200kg/ha.

Plough after apply SMYER making it reaches 30cm underground (root zone).