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Chemical pesticides

  • Emamectin benzoate
Emamectin benzoate

Emamectin benzoate

  • Active ingredients: Emamectin benzoate
  • CAS No.: 155569-91-8
  • Formulation: 5-30% WDG, 70% TC
  • Product description: Emamectin benzoate is an insecticide with a new mechanism of action and a strong activity against Lepidoptera as well as with and a high selectivity on useful organisms. It acts if swallowed and has s

Quality Higher than FAO Standard Emamectin Benzoate 5-30% WDG, 70% TC

Active ingredients:

Emamectin Benzoate


Water Dispersable Granular (WDG)

Mode of action:

Non-systemic, acts by causing insect paralysis by suppressing muscle contraction. Chloride channel activator.

Pack size:


Target pests:

Lepidoptera species; Mites; Leafminers; Thrips; Caterpillars;


Water suspensibility: 90% min (FAO Quality standard: 80% min)

Wetting time: 25s min (FAO Quality standard: 90s)

Disintegrate: 40s min (FAO Quality standard: 180s)

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