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Pesticide spray adjuvant



  • Product description: GWANDA is a super pesticide spray adjuvant based on Azone.

GWANDA - Pesticide Spray Adjuvant

To increase profit with GWANDA


First company to sell pesticide spray adjuvant in China since 1996.

A super spray adjuvant based on Azone.

The special formula makes it superior to Organosilicone surfactant.

Hot sale in China over 10 years.


Strong penetrating ability makes the pesticide ingredients quickly penetrate the skin of pests or the wax layer of leaves.

Excellent rainfastness of pesticide spray solution after tank mixed GWANDA. After 30mins of application, the rain will not reduce the performance of pesticides.

Minimize pesticide resistance in pests.

Safe and broad spectrum. GWANDA can be mixed with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers. Caution: do not use GWANDA with high toxic pesticides or the pesticides that may cause harmful effects on crops.

How GWANDA works:

1. Make the spray solution adhere to the leave surface firmly and not flow away.

2. The spray solution spreads quickly and evenly on the leave surface.

3. The pesticide ingredients penetrate quickly through the wax layer of leaves and acts effectively.


Dilution rate

Use method

Pesticide spray adjuvant to increase pesticide and fertilizer efficacy

5,000-10,000 times

Tank mix with pesticides or fertilizers